"Drahos, Marano, and The Uprising Theatre Company have put together another great production. I highly recommend, 'How our In-Laws ruined our Wedding.'"

Tommy Wilson-O’brien, LA SPLASH MAGAZINE

"The Uprising Theatre Company is off to a solid start as a theatrical force in the community."

Julio Martinez, DAILY NEWS
  • "Drahos' Hamlet hits all the levels of his evolution from a grief-stricken but essentially good-hearted and idealistic young student prince, to the ragingly destructive avenger that wreaks such havoc on the royal court of Denmark." "Giving solid support is Tony Amendola as the villainous but thoroughly suave villain King Claudius. Offering impressive comical counterpoint as Polonius is Ethan Phillips ..."

  • "Carl Reggiardo's spare staging and textual realignment favor narrative thrust ... The conversational tactics yield an almost confessional intimacy." "David Palmer's lighting and Mauricio Balvanera's sounds are keen."

  • The Uprising Theatre Company presents "an avid and intelligent cast." "Joseph Sanfelippo's superb Laertes and Ian Putnam's eloquent Horatio are incipient Hamlets waiting to happen". "Raymond O'Connor [plays a] scene swallowing Gravedigger" and of special note is "Ethan Phillips' [Polonius]." "Dinah Lenney's subtle Gertrude" and "Rosemary Morgan's feckless, fragile-voiced Ophelia ..."

  • "Director Carl Reggiardo has streamlined the text and impressively guided the ensemble through one of Shakespeare's most intellectually complex works ... but highly literate rendering of 'Hamlet'", "He has found a more-than-capable asset in the performance of Jonathan Wade Drahos in the title role."

“Carolanne Marano's delightful comedy about a disastrous wedding night features a sparkling acting ensemble under the deft direction of Jackie Apodaca. Marano plays Meg, the stricken bride, whose wedding night with husband Mike (Jonathan Drahos, Marano's real-life husband) is ruined by a string of interruptions...”