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William Shakespeare's

As You Like It

June 7,8,9 and June 14,15,16, 7:30pm
Tufts Park, Pinehurst

Help support Free Theatre and Shakespeare in the Pines by buying a VIP Table (available at our Friday and Saturday night performances). You’ll enjoy:

  • Priority Seating, Close to the Stage
  • A Candlelit, Clothed Table, seating up to Six Patrons
  • A Bottle of Sparkling Wine
  • A Bottle of Fine Red Wine
  • An Assortment of Gourmet Cheeses and Snacks

Tables are STILL AVAILABLE for these dates:

Purchase a JUNE 7th VIP TABLE

Purchase a JUNE 8th VIP TABLE

Purchase a JUNE 14th VIP TABLE

Purchase a JUNE 15th VIP TABLE